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Updated: Jun 14

Can Brahmi make you feel young? It prevents hair loss but can it help in regrowth of your hair? lets find out

The scientific name of Brahmi is Bacopa monnieri. Since ages, this everlasting herb has been in use in Ayurvedic and traditional medicines all over the Earth. It is also known by other names such as water hyssop or herb of grace, but Brahmi is the commonly used name. Few of the valuable alkaloids and triterpene found in Brahmi are saponins which have a strong effect on our body along with many other organic compounds and binding components.

It is usually used fresh as normal food, but can be used in combination with dried herbs, powders or other medicinal products. Its taste is relatively mild, but the real reason for using Brahmi is for the positive effect it can have on human body. In this article you will learn about the qualities and benefits of Brahmi that make it useful to us.

Advantages of Brahmi

  1. Alzheimer's- Alzheimer or people having weak memory are benefitted with this herb. The presence of the amyloid compound in neuron is responsible for the damaging of brain and Alzheimer's disease.The biochemical bacoside compound in Brahmi interact with the brain cells and helps in the re-creation of brain tissue. Because of this property Brahmi is beneficial for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

  2. Stress Reduction- Cortisol present in our brain is the major cause of our daily stress. Brahmi can be used to lower the level of cartisol hormone, which acts as a way to reduce stress and gives us happier feelings. Brahmi helps in staying calm in stressful situations.Taking tea of ​​Bramhi and Tulsi leaves makes it easier to face the tough times. If these problems bother you, then it may be beneficial for you to use brahma.

  3. Cancer- Brahmi herb has anticancer properties.For this reason it can be helpful in killing the brain tumor cells as well as inhibiting the growth of harmful cells of breast cancer and colon cancer. Also due to the presence of high level of antioxidants and bacosides are responsible for cancer reduction properties.

  4. Respiration- Brahmi can be consumed as a tea or the leaves can be chewed directly, thus increasing your respiratory health. It is used in various Ayurvedic treatment for bronchitis, congestion, chest cold, vascular obstruction. Brahmi can clean excess phlegm and mucus and is useful to give you relief from inflammation in our respiratory tract increasing its importance.

  5. Pain reduction- Brahmi can also be used as to reduce pain .The antinociceptive properties found in it make it a pain reliever. Due to this property Brahmi is helpful for treatment in the condition of neuropathic pain. Brahmi can also be used for troubles such as toothache. In order to take this advantage boil half a teaspoon of Brahmi in a glass of water, and rinse you mouth with it. This method stops toothache.

  6. Immunity- Brahmi helps in boosting our immune system naturally if we consume the leaves of Brahmi or as a tea. Nutrients essential for our body are replenished by antioxidant compounds that help us to enhance our immune system against various kinds of pathogenic viruses or bacterial infection, this giving our body ability to fight various diseases.

  7. Sugar levels- Can Brahmi increase the blood sugar level? Studies on it says yes, it can. Depending on various symptoms of diabetes, it can help to improve your hypoglycemia and helps you live a perfect and healthy lifestyle. If the sugar level in your body is low then you can use this medicine but still you are advised to contact your physician to get maximum benefits without any side effects.

  8. Skin Cosmetic Treatment- Brahmi has astringent properties i.e. it causes the skin and other body tissues of our body to contract a little, which is beneficial for the skin due to which they are used in many cosmetics. The astringent works by cleansing the skin follicles, removing excess oil from our skin. Pentacyclic triterpene available in this medicine is commonly used because of its anti wrinkle properties, which can help to make the face healthy by removing your facial wrinkles! making you feel younger. It also has antioxidant properties, helping to fight free radicals and keep the skin healthy, as well as reduces inflammation. It also helps to remove toxins from the body, especially to improve the skin problems of the upper layer and starts the regeneration of your skin cells. It is also beneficial for the inner skin helping the proper functioning of microorganism present in our digestive system. This miraculous herb is also an antiseptic. Its antimicrobial properties can help to make the skin shiny and beautiful by increasing the collagen, as well as curing dryness of our skin.

  9. Hair- Brahmi is used in preventing hair loss due to its antioxidant properties. At the same time, it increases blood circulation, the result of which is strengthening the roots of our hair. Another related benefit of Brahmi oil is for hair growth. Brahmi is considered sufficient in nutrients like vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. Because of these nutrients, Brahmi oil strengthens you hair roots, as well as can be helpful in growing back of your hair.

Precautions or Disadvantages of consuming Brahmi

  • Females should avoid using Brahmi if they are consuming pill for birth control

  • If you are consuming any estrogen, a primary sex hormone of females, medicines, the use of Brahmi is not recommended.

  • Brahmi if used in powder then it should not be taken more than 2 spoon at a time.

  • Excess intake of this medicine increases the probability of urinary problems.

  • Brahmi can increase discharge in the stomach and intestines which in turn get you ulcer problems.


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