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Depression Questions

Updated: Apr 30

Here is a list of commonly asked question by people suffering from depression and other related psychological disorders compiled together

Free Help For Depression

Is there any reservation for people diagnosed with depression?

Yes, These are some websites which offer free help for depressed people, you can find one easily available for in your country of residency.These websites are -

  • - Patients residing in Ireland can access its services for free of cost. You can join online support groups or join online counselling like one on one chat sessions or email sessions.

  • - Mainly available for American citizens you can join group meetings, most of the meetings are free and sponsored by Nonprofit Organisations

For Indian residents you can helpline numbers whenever you feel an urgent need

  • Vandrevala Foundation - It is an NGO established in 2009 .One of their trainee healthcare councillor’s can be contacted on 18602662345 or 1800333330 open for 24 hrs everyday

  • AASRA - It is a Mumbai Based NGO for emotionally distressed people. Its helpline number is 91 9820466726 which can be contacted 24*7 both in English and Hindi. If you want to talk to a health councillor in your region you can click this link

Depressed person

Time taken to cure depression

If the sibling has depression will depression ever heal? How long staying in house, patient in depression will take to become normal? Depression is caused due to abnormal Changes in chemicals of the brain. It’s just not being sad, but getting symptoms for atleast 2 weeks. These symptoms include but not limited to anxiety, mood swings, sadness, excessive crying, fatigue, thoughts of suicide and some others. Not all of These symptoms are necessary to get diagnosed with depression. Also It is to be noted that many people suffer from more than 1 episode of depression in their lifetime. Depression can last some weeks, months or even years depending upon weather or not appropriate treatment is taken or not.

Preventing reoccurring of depression symptoms is important and can be done by following ways

  • Completing treatment- Completing the entire course of treatment of medication prescribed by your doctor is beneficial to reduce the chance of reoccurring of depression.

  • Meditation- Meditation is very useful in dealing with depression which which you can monitor your negative thought patterns, accept them and find ways to deal with them.

  • Sleep- Getting a good night sleep is important to overcome depression. People. Insomnia is related to depression. It can be overcome by having a fixed time to sleep every night, staying away from electronics half an hour before bed time, practising breathing exercise or relaxation technique.

  • Diet- Proper diet is important for proper functioning of brain. Avoid processed meat, ready meals as it contains trans fats, eating fruits and vegetables in adequate amount, eating protein rich foods like fish,eggs and spinach, fish also contains omega 3 essential for overcoming depression. Along with that drink 2 litres of water everyday and avoid caffeine drinks.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- CBT is a type of talk therapy used to manage bad feeling and anxiousness and other symptoms related to depression by changing the thinking patters and behaviours, resultantly marking you feel better.

  • Avoid Triggers- Different people have different triggers of depression. You should identify your triggers and try working on it and avoiding them as much as possible.


Natural remedies for Depression, Stress and Anxiety

I want medicine for anxiety stress and depression..I don,t have prescription. Natural remedies are beneficial for treating psychological disorders without side effects and prescription is not needed to buy these medicines

  • Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha plants stem and berries are used to make a variety of medicines. The root extract of Ashwagandha is used to heal reduce anxiety. High level of cortisol, a stress hormone can lead to anxiety but this medicine reduces its level, making it a popular herbal remedy. Difficultly in sleeping can also increase stress level, which is also treated with this medicine.

  • Ginseng- Ginseng is a traditional natural medicine used since long time in Far East Asia. It easily manages immune system and harmonal changes due to stress. It supress s anxiety, depression and stress, producing beneficial effects in heart and brain. It shows results similar to antidepressant fluoxetine. Ginseng also protects nervous system and improves memory.

  • EGCG- EGCG also known as epigallocatechin gallate is a type of plant based compound is a main component of green tea, it is also present in small amount in fruits like cranberries, strawberries, kiwis, apples and nuts like hazelnuts, pecans. It is responsible for reduction in depression, stress and anxiety. It shows relaxing and attentive outcomes similar to meditation. EGCG supplements are not recommended as in many people a log of the EGCG passes through small interesting and then gets degraded by bacteria in large interstine.

  • Artic root- Artic root also known as its scientific name Rhodiola roses is a herb mainly found in cold mountainous regions of the world. It increases the brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine and is known to reduce depression faster then prescribed antidepressants. It also reduces anxiety and stress and can be consumes during stressful situations for immediate effect. It also makes brain function better also with better night sleep.

Now, you would not want to take pills for long other activities are also beneficial to increase mental health, these include-

  • Meditation- During meditation we focus on a particular target for example breath. If we get other thoughts we accept those thoughts and let them flow away without giving any resistance and then focus again on breath. This helps reset the thoughts which often go out of control due to mental conditions. With this we can break the loop of anxious or depressing thoughts and make out brain work according to our needs.Technically speaking, meditation increases serotonin and GABA production and reduces cortison, a stress harmone. It reduces negative self talk and calms the brain not allowing unwanted thoughts to pop up automatically.

  • Exercise- Exercising regularly helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression symptoms. Exercising releases chemical endogenous cannabinoids and other chemicals in the brain which reduces anxiety and stress. Its breaks the cycle of negative thoughts going on throughout the day that elevates depression and other unwanted symptoms. Other benefits include boosting self confidence by acheving your desired stamina and body shape. Exercising with a group of friends can motivate you and let go your problems by sharing it with them and can even give you a mentor and make you wanna be like them. Ideally 30 minutes or more exercise is beneficial to stay fit mentally as well as physically.


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