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How to Gain Weight Easily

Updated: Jan 15

How to gain weight fast

1.) Decipher the amount of Calorie Intake

To gain weight what we should simply do is to eat more calories than we consume. If you want to gain weight fast consume an additional 700 - 1,000 calories daily otherwise 300 - 500 calories will also be beneficial

2.) Eat Healthy Foods To Gain Weight

Some food materials when added to your diet can simply help you to gain weight. The tastiest of them can be homemade protein shakes made up of chocolate, vanilla, caramel other than that we can take is milk, rice, nuts, meat, fish, potato products, cereals, yogurt cheese, some yummy chocolates, dates, bananas, figs, yams, leafy greens, whole grains

3.) Foods to avoid

There are some foods you should avoid to gain weight these include raw, dry and uncooked meals, refined sugar, and processed foods

4.) Gymming

Avoid gaining fat and try to gain muscles by doing adequate amount for physical activity like lifting weights

5.) Eat Frequently

It is not necessary to eat full meals 7 times a day but you should not stay hungry for more than 5 hours , ideally eat every 3-4 hours

6.) Sleep

Try sleeping 8-9 hours a day.Muscles grow when you are resting. It will also allow you to train harder. Lack of sleep can also increase stress, which ultimately leads to loss of mass and weight

7.) Motivate Yourself

Why do you want to gain weight? do people love giving you advice to gain weight? Whatever your reason is , just keep a goal to stay fit in you mind and stay motivated always

8.) Love your body

You have to learn to love your body and stay happy, You can try meditation for this or look at the mirror and appreciate yourself. It doesn't matter if you are skinny or fat what matter is what you believe

9.) Seek professional advice

Consult a doctor to increase your apatite and metabolism, ask a nutritionist or a homeopathy doctor to stay away from the side effects of medicines. Good advice will increase your weight and you can stay away from unwanted injuries

10.) Drink if possible

According to some Researches, people who are heavy drinkers, which is classified as having at least four drinks a day if you’re a woman, have a 42 percent higher chance of going from a healthy BMI to one that’s considered overweight, as compared to people who aren’t heavy drinkers. You don't need to be a heavy drinker, you can drink moderately that's up to 1 drink a day for women, 2 drinks a day for men.

11.) Plan Ahead

Ensure that you have groceries in your fridge and kitchen a day before you need them. Spend more time in the kitchen. Also, make a diet chart consisting of what you should eat every day.

11.) Training for older adults

Older people ought to try and meet the adult exercise tips if they can. If they're unable to try and do this, they ought to be as physically active as attainable given their limitations. To stop injury and to help recovery strength coaching is helpful for older adults .They should take part in at-least 2.5 hours of moderate intensity or 70 minutes to high intensity outdoor exercise activity each week

Useful tips for Starters for gaining muscle weight

Ask fitness professionals about the adequate amount of weight needed for weight lifting. Using proper techniques vanishes the risk if injuries and make you have the adequate amount of muscles.Few other tips include

  1. Do warm ups for about 10 minutes before lifting heavy weight or doing other exercises

  2. Increase the amount of weight slowly otherwise you can get muscle paint

  3. Another thing you can do is having controlled movements with the right breathing techniques

  4. Especially during early stages , expect some muscle fatigue after workout

  5. Drink water since during workout you can have water loss by sweating which can prevent muscle recovery

Tasty recipes you can have / How To Gain Weight Diet Plan

  1. Peanut Butter- You can gain approximately 200 calories and high proteins by adding peanut butter on bread

  2. Tasty Eggs- The have proteins good cholesterol , vitamins A,D,E, you can eat them boiled or in any other form

  3. Butter- Adequate mount on butter on bread can be taken for weigh gain. Remember that excessive amount of consumption can be bad for your heart

  4. Cheese- 1 slice of 28g of cheese contains around 112 calories. It has also other benefits for healthy bones and teeth, blood clotting, wound healing, and maintaining normal blood pressure

  5. Juice- Consume fruit juice which is full of added sugar and nutrients, one small glass of juice obtains 54 calories

  6. Milk- Drinking a glass of milk gives large amount of fat, carbohydrates, and proteins .

  7. Omelet- You can gain 409 calories by adding 1 whole egg,3 egg whites, along with chicken sausages, cheese and olive oil

  8. Mango shake- Mouth watering mango shake can give around 200 calories adding honey, yogurt along with one cup mango

  9. Pancakes - It needs a lot of ingredients including eggs, cheese, wheat flour, milk, coconut oil, butter ,honey , yogurt and raspberry jelly giving around 120 calories

  10. Sandwich- You can get 382 calories by adding peanut butter and jam inside bread slices

  11. Protein shake- Gain 260 calories by adding protein powder, almond powder, cashew power, and milk

  12. Dried fruits- 1/4 cup of dry fruits contains 130 calories also they are rich in nutrients.You can also dry fresh fruit at home

  13. Dark Chocolate- They contain high fat, antioxidants and calories.High coca content chocolates are good for gaining weight

  14. Blueberry Smoothie- It needs banana, milk, dates blueberry,oats and chia seeds.You can also add some yummy toppings of coconut or strawberries


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