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How To Overcome Depression

Updated: Apr 17

Depression is not just feeling sad for few days, it is a severe condition in which if feel severe misery and loss of delight for many weeks or months along with weariness, uneven sleeping time or hunger, feeling guilty or unimportant along with suicidal thoughts

It is a feeling when the heart become low and you feel like a weight is always there on your heart, a feeling that you intensely dislike, and after a limit you may feel like you can do anything to overcome this feeling.

Overcome Depression

Medications can have side effects, other things that can be done to overcome Depression naturally are -

1.) Meditation

The main negative agents that starts of depression are stress and anxiety. It ultimately become a unwanted cycle evil thoughts. It is scientifically proven that it helps in changing certain brain part which is affection during depression.

You can start with a 5 minute mediation. Day by day you need to gradually increase this time to ideally 30 minutes.The other thing you can do is try focusing of breadth as you inhale and exhale. Actually meditation neurotransmitters, a decrease of neurotransmitters results in sadness and often leading to depression. If you mediate you increase the two types to neurotransmitters : serotonin and norepinephrine to a healthy position thus resisting depression.

A part of brain known as Amygdala which triggers negative elements in our body including depression is reduced in size with meditation. Also, meditation transforms you into a happier person by providing you cheerful lifestyle.

2.) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

For this you need to contact a CBT specialist near you. It is can be taken alone or with medication. It is a talk therapy and can work better than medication. It involves training the individual to control the false thoughts which trouble the person that leads to depression. For example the therapist talk about your feeling of how wasteful your life is or flaws that you have.

Firstly, with CBT they will make you aware that you have these thoughts. Then they will teach you to exchange these with healthy thoughts.The change in thoughts leads to change you as a person. Thus leading you to suppress depression.

Al-tough, medication works in removing depression ,but if you take CBT lessons with it it can give you even better results For this you can also use self help materials or groups but under a therapist guidance is preferred. Your Doctor will show you methods to stop depression from coming back. You can also use those techniques when you feel low .Its better to go to a well trained psychiatrist having good reviews

3.) Exercise

Doing physical activities can positively affect your brain. Substance such as noradrenaline are released, which acts as a neurotransmitter. When there is a stimulus of a nerve cell , there is a option to pass it on to the other cells with the help of noradrenaline. With exercise mood hormone serotonin is also stimulated, which in turn makes you more energetic, in a good mood,reduces anxiety and makes you happy, thus overcoming depression.

Regular exercise also increases self confidence and make you fitter. Your body figure changes and becomes firmer, more muscular. This can lead to increased self confidence and more positive self image. You can also break a constant circle of negative thoughts temporarily when you go outside to play tennis,football, swimming or any other sport

Doing sports releases happiness hormone endorphins making you feel happier.This is because these messenger substance and hormones are rarely available during depression in our body. Natural antidepressants called VGF is also released during physical activity

4.) Food

Food plays a important role in physical health but most people overlook the advantage for mental and emotional health. Eat sufficient amount of food and vegetables ,and also take them in regular basis. Foods which are beneficial includes fish. It contains omega-3 fats which helps to establish connections between brain cells and strengthen the receptor sites of neurotransmitters. It leads to increase in serotonin production and improve your mood.

Other source of omega-3 includes nuts especially walnuts. It supports the overall brain health and is one of the highest plant based source of omega-3 and proteins. One of the great source of proteins and fiber includes beans, which helps in maintaining stable blood sugar values, reduces blood sugar irregularities that can affect your mood. It also has folate which uses vitamin B12 and amino acids which helps body to detox cells and create new cells.

Vegetables can play a important role to reduce depression. Fiber, folate and other nutrients are present in vegetables, especially darker leafy green once which is a good source of a type of omega-3 fatty acids.Chicken are also useful as they are a good source of lean proteins, keeping blood sugar in proper levels which in turn keeps your mood well balanced

5.) Stay Positive

The main reason for depression in thinking about negative thoughts again and again, which in turn causes physical changes in brain. To overcome this what we can avoid is spending time alone, getting a company or doing an activity is a proven strategy to break the cycle of negative thoughts. Dive you thoughts, think about what makes you happy, and motivate yourself to do that

Smile whenever possible, it makes you feel more positive. Look for comedy shows or spend time with people or things that make you laugh. See half glass full instead of empty, if anything bad happens in you life , be optimistic and try to see good parts of every situation. Always remember, when one door closes, other opens. Be grateful for everything for everything you have, sit down each day and be grateful for the things you have. When you do this, more thinks or circumstances we can notice to be grateful about.

Imagine the best future possible.Imagine yourself having a great career, relationship, health,when you believe your life goes well, you tend to be a happier person. Whenever you get time, charity, see this as one of your many strengths. Write down your strengths and be grateful for everything you have. In few months you will have more positive things to think subconsciously

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