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Law Of Attraction

Updated: Apr 17

Law of attraction is the ultimate ability by which if we channelize out thoughts for the things we desire, we will make it a reality. To get everything you want you will have to focus only on positive thoughts only if we want to manifest anything and everything you want.

Whatever we can imaging, it can be achieved, If you give energy and attention to it, be ready to receive it.

How the Law Of Attraction (LOA) works?

like thoughts will attract like circumstances. Positive emotions like Joy, love, admiration, gratitude, optimism, peace, satisfaction, worthy, abundance will attract positive energy

On the contrary, negative emotions include Frustration, guilt, disappointment, doubt, anger, jealousy, fear or rage. According to the law of attraction, the universe cant decide which one is better for you, it just responds to the energy you create. This means you have to conquer your thoughts and feeling. If you are reading this article, feel lucky enough that you got a chance to know about law of attraction, BELIEVE that today is the best day you ever had and live like there is no tomorrow.

You will attract back every energy or frequency you radiate, so please make sure that you are emitting only energy, thoughts and feeling of experiences you want to experience.

Three Steps To Manifest using Law Of Attraction

Things can be done through law of attraction in following 3 ways -

1. Ask- To manifest your desires first step is to let the universe know know your desires and it is respond automatically to your thoughts. Sit down and write down on a piece of paper whatever you want, also be precise and clear about your what you wish for.

It is not necessary to ask again and again and again about your desires, once is enough. If you think you want love, just focus of the type of partner you want. should the person be good looking? or rich ? caring? just ask for it.

Make a vision board, cut photos thoughts magazines, newspapers or print them and keep the board at a place where you can see it whenever you feel like.

2. Believe- The next step is to have faith and believe that you already have the things you asked for. Have faith that your future is in safe hands, believe that whatever you want will happen for sure. Transmit a frequency of a feeling of having received what you asked, act like you already have it.

The universe will create circumstances, events and send people to make you achieve whatever your predominate thoughts say. Stay smart, if you think of something you don't want, you will attract that as well.

Don't think about how it's gonna happen, or who will be the angel appointed for you, just have the faith and your wish will be the command for the universe to manifest(search manifest meaning in english) it. If you are noticing every change that's happening, you will stop the favorable changes to arrive. The power is in your brain, choose your thoughts wisely. Just tell yourself that you believe your wishes will come true.

3. Receive- The last step is to match the vibrations of things you want to attract in your life. Always feel good while receiving, with this you are matching the vibrations and frequency required for receiving. After believing that you have already received it, just feel good about it.

Visualizing getting what you want will make you feel so happy, isn't it? Feel the emotion, feel the joy of receiving it, if possible, cry in happiness, because you finally made it! You got what you always wanted. It doesn't mean you will just receive the sports car the very next moment, but you will definitely get some opportunity to earn money to buy that car. The amount of money you will get will depend on how much you believe that your wish will come true.

Trust your instincts, listen to your inner voice, feel the positive energy flowing through and enjoy the outcome.

How To Attract Money

Manifesting money using the law of attraction is the most popular use of the law of attraction to bring abundance in your life. Now, it's very easy to attract the desired amount of luxury in your life. Firstly start with positive affirmations. People have negative thoughts and always focus on the lack of money, which in turn brings bad emotions about money. To break this cycle of thoughts, you can use positive money affirmations and become a money magnet. With this, you can change the behavior of your subconscious mind. For this, you have to use affirmations on a daily basis

Secondly, always remember that you deserve to have an abundance of money. Even if you dream big, but you always feel like you don't deserve it, you will start thing about how and when its gonna happen and ultimately stop your motion towards success. You have to start feeling deserving money if you want more money to flow into your life. Once you achieve this, the universe will grow your income in months or maybe years, but it will definitely happen. Maybe you get a rise by a job change, or your get promotion, or any other way for money to flow to you. If you don't feel deserving enough, you won't be getting it.

The next thing you can do is to be grateful while paying all your bills. You cant avoid bills because you are buying goods and services every day, so why to be unhappy while paying it? If you stay sad, you will attract more scarcity to your life. Change your focus, be always happy that you can pay your own bills! affirm as you pay the bill " I am receiving more and more to pay all my bills happily. Money is circulating and it comes back to me multiple times of the amount I spent." To become rich you have to change your vibration while paying your bills.

Next, visualize your ideal life with lots and lots of money. Take out some time from your daily schedule imagine abundance. Feel the higher vibration and imagine that you get millions or billions of money every month from multiple sources and then let the law of attraction work for you. Don't let anything stop you from being limitless in your own imagination. Remember it's your imagination, visualize the most luxurious life possible. Yes, I believe you can, so should you

How to attract love

Love and relationships are the second most important thing that most people want. To attract love according to the law of attraction the first thing you have to do is to create the vision of the person you want to attract. In this step, you need to visualize the type of partner you want. There is no need to be very specific like eye color, favorite singer, etc since no one is perfect, moreover, you don't need to attract a perfectionist, your goal is to attract love. You can think of a person who is handsome, trustworthy, love you a lot and things like that.

The next thing to keep in mind is to love yourself. If you want other people to love you, you will have to love yourself first. Write down in a piece of paper what you like about yourself, you can also write a diary every day. Read it every day and also add things to it. You can also look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the person you see. Next, write down everything you want in a relationship. The most important thing is to trust the universe, and always remember that you will get everything you ask for.

Be confident that you will get what you want and don't doubt the power of universe. Many times we want something, but we doubt its possibility to manifest which in turn becomes our biggest obstacle. Knowing is positive energy, if you know you will attract your desired relationship, no one can stop it from becoming a reality. Being in alignment with attracting a perfect mate, you have a sense of knowing a person is on their way.

I get questions in which people are asking how to know if law of attraction is working to find You true love, for true love your intentions need to be true, don’t doubt the Process, trust the universe, have a clear vision of your partner, yes universe does gives some sign to you which some may understand like you suddenly start seeing couples, in places you didn’t expect, can be in forms other than just humans ( dove, deers, pigeons ). I’ll tell you my little secret, use rose quartz as your lucky stone to get love faster.

Feel like your love is already with you! You can imagine, daydream about you with your partner. You should feel deep inside your heart the security and loyalty of your partner. Imagine him/her standing right in front of you and chatting and flirting. Become a person as if you are already in a relationship and you will make it a reality.

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