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Law Of Attraction Affirmations

Updated: Jun 27


The best way to convince your subconscious that your want has already been fulfilled and you have already achieved your desires are affirmations.

Affirmations are short, wonderful positive statements that fulfill your dreams my making them sound real by printing them into you subconscious mind. If they are spoken or thought again and again over a longer length of time, they force your subconscious to think about these statements to be true.

This is so essential because your lifestyles is generally managed by your subconscious. As quickly as you make your subconscious mind believe of your wish is real, it will align you with your want and make your wish come true.

When this occurs a extraordinary change takes place, because now your wish is not only in you imagination but it is now your reality.

Your subconscious idea would not understand the difference between fact and fiction. Whether you simply have the experience for real or just watch a film, each are equally stored in your subconscious as your own experience.

Your consciousness, however, straight away acknowledges the difference. Therefore, you have to find a way so that your conscious mind convinces your subconscious so that you can live your dreams.

Fortunately affirmations are very effective to achieve this goal, as they are constantly repeated and for that reason it turns out to be the reality for your subconscious at some point.

Of course, this does not take place overnight. So begin speaking your affirmations soon. But you have to make sure that your affirmations match your desires.

Clear thinking for clear intention

No one intends to want to harm themselves intentionally. Yet many of us create trouble for ourselves unconsciously . Much of who we are and what happens to us today is the result of our previous decisions we had made , the fruit of our unconscious thought patterns . In the same way that the fear of failure has hindered our will to succeed, if our attention is focused mainly on the fact that we do not have the thing asked for, then the law of attraction will make sure that the result corresponds to this feeling of not having it. We will get what our thinking has focused on till date


For an aspect of our life to change, our intention must be clear . Thus, this intention will give clear thoughts for clear words, in order to materialize the expected result .

Positive affirmation in practice

To formulate a positive affirmation, the sentence must be short, expressed in the present tense, without negation and ending with keywords. When the sentence is short , the wish is expressed concisely , this avoids getting lost in the words and keeps a main idea. At the beginning, it takes time because we have to think about the wording, reformulate, modify to choose adequate words . By focusing on it, our intention becomes clearer and the chosen words will express exactly what we want. By expressing the affirmation in the present , we formulate it as if the action had already been carried out . Saying "I will have the job" in the future implies an idea of ​​unrealized, and poses the action in an indefinite future. So the correct wording is "I have the job" or "I had the job

It is necessary to express a positive affirmation without negations . Saying "I am no longer sick" instead of "I am cured" heightens attention on the negative side. In addition, our unconscious does not see the negations and the idea that registers becomes "I am sick". By focusing our attention on the negative aspects, the law of attraction will respond to this intention in the same way .

It is possible to work on several subjects but not in the same sentence. Because if we express several things in the same affirmation, the different intentions are diluted and mixed. The thought becomes confused instead of setting a clear intention.

Techniques to make your own Positive Affirmations

According to specialists positive insistences work best when:

They are to be written in present tense.

Whatever they state to achieve should be easily imaginative

There is no negative or anti type of words in the affirmation,

The sentences are short and bring out feeling to the reader .

Model for a long distance runner: "I see myself running effortlessly. I feel the delight of the air that fills my chest. My legs are incredible and I move enjoyably in extraordinary steps, as though I were flying between each and every step… "

You can present your affirmations by imagining yourself as the subject of the sentence or imagine that somebody is praising you, or addressing you to energize you:

I am ... (like : characteristics that you are hoping to create)

Sam is… (this way or that: characteristics you are hoping to create) - You mention to yourself what you might want others to speak about you

Sam, you are ... (like either: characteristics you are hoping to create) - You state yourself what you might want somebody to let you know

In the beginning, this appears to be somewhat strange, even completely unreal. In any case, when you attempt it, you understand that it works. So why not attempt the experience? You don't need to tell everybody! It might even be better in the event if you keep it as your little secret about this training in the beginning. You will dodge joke, false impressions.

Affirmations for Money

Here are some positive affirmations to earn money. I am... can also be used instead to thank you according to convenience and sentences can be rephrased accordingly

  1. Thank you universe for providing me abundance of wealth and prosperity

  2. Thank you for making me a successful money magnet

  3. Thank you for providing me a super luxurious life style

  4. I am a powerful creator of wealth

  5. Thank you for making me a multi Billionaire

  6. My thoughts are positive and strong enough to make me a money magnet

  7. My bank accounts are overflowing with more than enough wealth

  8. My money loves to multiply exponentially

  9. Thank you for providing me abundance of money from unexpected sources

  10. I am in a higher vibrational frequency needed to attract abundance of wealth

  11. I expect extreme prosperity

  12. I am feeling abundance of wealth flowing in my direction

  13. I have a positive money magnetic mindset

  14. I choose to overflow with money

  15. I happily spend money and get multiple times cash back

  16. I am always making the right choices to live a cash rich life

  17. Thank you for giving me power to attract plentiful money

  18. I choose to have full control over my money

  19. Attracting super luxurious life is very easy

  20. I am destined to have abundance of wealth

  21. I am attracting avalanche of money

Affirmations for Health

Here are some positive affirmations to stay healthy

  1. Thank you for making me healthy and fit

  2. Thank you for making my mind stronger and sharper

  3. I am positive and happy in every situation

  4. I am beautiful and attractive

  5. I am manifesting a healthy and perfect body

  6. I have constructive thoughts to heal my body

  7. I have a strong and healthy mind

  8. I have full control over my thoughts

  9. I have a strong immune system

  10. Thank you for giving me a perfect body

  11. I eat only healthy food to nourish my body

  12. Health food are the tastiest category of eatables

  13. I enjoy my company and love myself

  14. Being healthy is my normal state of my thoughts

  15. I am radiating healthy frequency

  16. I have happy feelings about my body

  17. People love appreciating my glowing skin

  18. My mind is stronger than I have ever imagined

  19. All my decisions are healthy for life

  20. Thank you for making me beautiful both inside out

Affirmations for Love

Some affirmations to attract a person to love or self love

  1. Thank you for giving me abundance of love

  2. Thank you for giving me a caring and loving partner

  3. I am an attractor of healthy love

  4. Thank you universe for sending me my soulmate

  5. I always radiate love and it comes back to me multifold

  6. I have a healthy love relationship

  7. Everyone loves, respects and cares about me

  8. Thank you universe for giving me love wherever I go

  9. I selflessly radiate love and get it back multiplied

  10. I easily impress people to whom I am attracted to

  11. I easily attract safe love and romance with ease

  12. I am in alignment with the frequency of love

  13. Thank you for making me worthy of love

  14. I am filled with positivity and I love myself

  15. I love watching myself in the mirror

  16. I deserve all the love and happiness that I desire

  17. I get all the gold that I desire easily

  18. The universe makes me successful in every situation

  19. I have excellent power of intuition and wisdom

  20. My conscious and subconscious mind are always positive thinkers

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