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Law of Attraction Success Stories

Motivational Stories

Law of attraction has been widely used by people including many successful Celebrities and Businessmen. Here is a compilation of Success stories of people achieving their goals with The Law Of Attraction 

Manifest Money with Bob

I always had a fantasy for a long time to move to Ireland when I retired from my long term career. Be that as it may, every single outward condition seemed as though it was not feasible. Heaps of loans and I claimed a few unsuccessful businesses that were "submerged" - I could not earn a profit out of them. This was in the 2008–2009 time period when there was a recession.

Be that as it may, in the wake of seeing The Secret in 2006, I began working on my thoughts to come out of this nightmare situation. I began going to the School to head a spiritual path mainly to practice meditation, which is an incredible course of study to make your brain to work as per your desire. Outfitted with some degree of information on the LoA, and what I'd learned and rehearsed at the School, I chose to encourage a Law of Attraction book study gathering - where we considered and rehearsed practices around books like Wealth beyond reason by Bob Doyle, and Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. I built up a vision Board where my Ireland dream was top. I visioned myself resigned - eased from the pressure of business loan… in a territory of Ireland that apparently has the perfect but slightly cold atmosphere… where I'd visited for a short tour 10 years past, however, knew from that short experience that that little town was the place I needed to live in Ireland when I retired. 

The businesses appeared to turn more awful consistently. Half or a greater amount of the clients available could be termed as a fraud in my mind - either deadly bargainers or short deals - where we attempted to convince the bank to lend money as a method for forestalling them dispossessing. An amazingly troublesome and arduous procedure, with next to no collaboration concerning the banks. Besides, the banks were taking action against contract loaning - which means fewer individuals had the option to take a loan from a bank. 

Each buyer took around 4 times more effort to bring the deal to closure. Furthermore, less number of more deals were concluded. This prompted me and my competitors working with much more efforts, for a lesser salary. 

I began tapping my retirement investment funds and further adding to credit card bills to meet monthly costs. This closely felt like a money related calamity. It appeared as though it may fall on me in no time.

However, I proceeded with my Law Of Attraction practice even after going through this disaster. I could clearly imagine and feel the happiness which I'd feel once this weight of financial crisis had been expelled from my shoulders. I clearly imagined myself taking a sunbath, drinking a glass of beer poolside in my house in Ireland. I felt how glad would be sleeping till the time I want, without any tension of going to work. I imagined myself socialising with new people, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest.

The next scene of my autobiography is, 2 years later i.e. 2012. I shifted my business to a little town in Poland and by that time, I had paid all my debts - about four years before I wanted to retire. This would have been impossible unless I would have visualised perfection and believed the universe bringing my desires to me. As far as retirement is concerned the future I visualised was now a happy reality. 

That wasn’t the end after that shifted to Jaffna, Sri Lanka, then Costa Rica and now China. I have a lovely and caring wife and live in a duplex villa with a pool, Chinese red pine forest and past that, a river. I eat heaps of privately created foods grown from the ground, and I get my drinking water from a cool mountain spring without any cost. I go fishing nearly every weekend. I travel every month, to fascinating areas both in the nation and across borders. Every one of my needs is met, and for the first time ever I am enjoying this amount of luxury and peace.

This is a compilation of about 10 years of utilizing the intensity of my brain to imagine and believing in my dreams. Now I thank the Universe of making me live my visualised life.

The Law Of Attraction works? Definitely, it does!

Manifesting lost phone with Charles

 I bought an iPhone online just 2 months before I lost it.

It was 2nd August 2019 I had gone to a bakery shop, the businessperson was missing, so I waited for about 5 minutes and I went to another bakery and bought a delicious cake. After I arrived back to my house, I found out that I forgot my mobile at the first shop. I went there and my iPhone was not there, so I decided to call my number, but the phone was switched off. Starting to get tensed, I asked the businessperson in a shallow voice about it but unfortunately, he answered that he didn't see any phone on the counter after he returned. I realized somebody probably took it from that point and turned off the phone as the GPS showed the last area was around that shop. Water began to drop out of my eyes and I was so strained as my mobile didn't have a number lock or password at that time. So, I went to the police, but I had truly no expectation that police would discover the mobile and furthermore in the event that it did, it would take them months to discover it.

At least my family didn’t make the situation worse by scolding me After I informed about my mobile. The only reason for such behaviour was because my tests were coming up that week so they needed me to concentrate on my studies. They told me that I should visit home and get another telephone. Fortunately, my companion had an extra telephone although it was old fashioned calls could be made, I informed her that I 'll utilize her telephone for some days and will buy another telephone, once exam finishes in 21 more days.. I had a hope that the universe will help me so I applied the Law of Attraction. I wrote my wish on a piece of paper I will get back my mobile before 12 August. Along with that I imagined messaging my mom from my iPhone that I got it back, feeling grateful and thanking the universe again and again for giving my phone back.

I could feel my heart happier imagining phone in my hands because I felt it so real! In any case, somewhere inside I needed to recover my mobile before I visit home(that was before 23 August) To my surprise, on fifteen August 2019, my friend got a call from someone that he was having my iPhone!! He informed me to take back the telephone with a valid ID proof. As I didn't have a pattern lock on my telephone, it was simple for the person to call my contacts. The individual, a supermarket worker, found the phone on a street. I don't have any idea of how did everything happen. But finally, I was glad to get my telephone back!!!! Since that day the Law Of Attraction is an essential part of my life.

Meeting a celebrity with Ben

Most of us must have seen Avengers and would have heard about Scarlett Johansson. She is an American born actress and has appeared multiple times in Forbes celebrity top 100. She has been my celebrity crush since 2014 after the release of her film Lucy. I love her not only as an actress but also as a person. Altough she talks very less she is very friendly with everyone she has worked including her crew members.

I live in Germany and wanted to shift to Dallas, America. I visualised my arrival at Dallas in a Museum taking a selfie with Scarlett. I would imagine myself thanking the universe for making both of my wishes come true. My visualisation was so clear, with a heartwarming feeling of gratitude that I used to cry in happiness. 

It's very difficult to immigrate to America these days unless you want to visit with a tourist visa for a limited time. However, all of a sudden my boss decided to spencer me to study MBA from UD at Dallas, not only that, he wanted me to join the company branch in America, although a different city, who knows what would be cooking for you next? And this was not the end, after about 11 months of stay in the new city, my friend got an opportunity to be a crew member of a film she was shooting and she invited to me to a pub where they chilling after the days shooting. And guess what? I got to talk to her for 27 seconds! and during that time I also took a selfie.

Since then I manifested my wife, my dog and many other little wishes, I have made a gratitude journal for that comprising to all the things I wanted to thank that made bought a smile. Am I perfect? obviously no, sometimes I have doubt or give a mixed message to the universe And things do not manifest.

Visualise whatever you want, act like you already got it, use meditation for it, feel happy for it, thank the universe when you get it. No dream is too big if you can imagine it, trust the universe, you will get if for sure. If it is possible for a normal guy like me to manifest my desires, what makes you so special?

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