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Meaning Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mind slightly similar to sleep in which their thoughts can be changed by the hypnotherapist

Is Hypnosis Real

A strong smoker can leave smoking in a few hypnoses sessions, some people have even been known to speak foreign languages or talk about their past lives. I now know the reason hypnosis has a reputation as a manipulation tool. A sentence I still hear from my therapist is "Just think of the jungle book and the hypnotizing snake Kaa" period.

I am getting more and more attracted by the subject of “free will”. He clearly explains that the lion's share of our actions and decisions are borne by our own subconscious mind. What is the subconscious? I am talking about a powerful baby. Extremely capable, but has weaknesses in understanding the intelligent universe. For example, it believes smoking is a great thing. It calms our mind! As I imagine, there are a few things to explain to this inner baby and to work with them for our benefit.

My therapist speaks of the "companion on the other side of our complicated mind". I think it's beautiful as well! Especially because the subconscious always wants to protect us from dangerous situations, similarly, Fear is a protective function, as is our anger.

Most humans are not aware that their unconscious automatic, natural mind control their lives. But a thorough inspection of your state of health, your bank balance, and your job could point out that there are forces at work that you do not understand - or did you choose all of this consciously?

The neurosciences show that our will is strongly influenced.

He continued, for example, of the experiment at the Charlie in Munich Is shown as follows: A person sits in front of a watch and has the task of pressing a button. That is his decision, he should only remember the time when he makes the particular decision.

We are expecting the following order: First, the test person becomes aware of when they want to press the button(1). Then there is the potential to move the finger noted by EEG (2) (instrument used to record brain wave pattern) until the button (3) is pressed.

But puff cake! To all astonishment, the order is different:

In the brain scan, scientists could read the ready signal on EEG up to 7 seconds before the conscious decision to press the button and note time! The decision to press the button began and after a long 7 seconds the test subject Consiously made the decision to press the button.

With this knowledge in the background, I ended up asking my hypnotherapist that weather he believed in free will. He said Yes. There seems to be the possibility to talk and to speak with the subconscious mind to make a sensible decision.For example, quit drinking. Or not to apply butter (listen to subconscious mind!).

Subconscious Mind Programming

Programming the subconscious mind or reprogramming subconscious mind can be done through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy brings together a very wide range of techniques. In general, it can be used to:

- Reduce stress levels, anxiety, improve self-confidence, preparing for an important exam or test, improve communication: in these cases, the therapist is not necessarily a health professional. A practitioner having followed a serious training (minimum 200 hours) dispensed, it, by health professionals, can fully exercise.

- Work on violence and the after-effects of a trauma, fight against addictions, cope with serious marital or family problems, sexual disorders, neuroses, various kind of behavioral disorders, accompany mourning: in these cases, it is advisable to see a hypnotherapist who is also a doctor / psychiatrist or psychologist.

- Accompany surgery, childbirth, treatment to treat your teeth or tinnitus, relieve chronic pain, treatment of an allergy: for this type of problem too, it is strongly recommended to go to a hypnotherapist who is also a psychatrist, or at the very least a health professional on the advice from your doctor.

Hypnosis Self

How to hypnotize yourself or self hypnosis is one of the most asked question on hypnosis. Although this paragraph needs a good understanding of yoga or meditation terms but there is no harm in skipping it if found too many new terms. From pranayam to simple pratyahar and pratyahara to dharna. When your mind is still in one place, you are thinking only in one direction and you start becoming expert in it by practicing, then you will start to experience such power in your senses that the ordinary person cannot experience. To practice it, you can do trataka also. Trataka is also done in many ways. The power of hypnosis can be awakened by meditation, pranayama and the eye trek. Trataka worship is addressed with divine practice in Hatha Yoga. The sad mind can also be relaxed easily. For this, you meditate daily in the morning and evening with pranayama.

other ways

Some people keep the thumb in line with the eyes, some people do the spiral (hypnotic cycle), some people shake the pendulum of the clock, some people see the red bulb staring and some people see the candle staring .


Meditate while doing regular Surya Namaskar, Pranayama and Yoganindra. Use Vipassana and Nadabrahma in meditation. Try to practice hypnosis by following pratyahar. With good amount of determination , it will be easier to practice this art. You feel determination by understanding the importance of this practice. See a qualified yoga teacher or hypnotist for more information regarding this.


Many people believe that only a weak person will can be hypnotized. Conversely, a person with strong will power can also be easily hypnotized. The method of hypnotizing every person is not the same. Suggestions may vary from person to person. We can also give various types of suggestions to ourselves. We can get amazing results by giving ourselves those suggestions during the semi-awakening state at night.

  • I am getting better in all things.

  • I am getting skilled in my tasks day by day.

  • I am always healthy, happy, excited.

  • I am able to fulfill all my good wishes.

  • I have complete control over my anger, I do not get excited at the time of discussion.

  • My memory is getting better, I am easy to learn new things.

  • My speech ability is increasing.

  • My personality is attractive and impressive

You can check affirmations on various categories. We can get miraculous results in a few days by giving ourselves affirmations several times a day. Hypnotherapy can also be effective in treating diseases. Through this, treatment of abnormal diseases is also possible. Research conducted over the past few years has proved to be effective in solving family disputes, including eliminating mental disorders. Through this, we can not only reduce the stress of surgery performed during kidney transplantation, but we can also reduce the pain during delivery.

What should I watch out for after hypnosis?

The hypnosis works mainly through the relaxed state. It is therefore an advantage if you take enough time before and after hypnosis. Hypnosis experiences can feel very intense sometimes. It may take a few minutes after the session to regain full consciousness.

If you relax deeply, you may also fall asleep during hypnosis. As after getting up in the morning, you may need a little time to be normal and continue your regular life.

After hypnosis, you should take the time to process what you have experienced. If you are working on therapeutic goals, then give the suggestions the opportunity to work.

The power of hypnosis is also that the self-critical and negative thoughts that accompany many of us every day are briefly switched off. After hypnosis, many people feel energetic and motivated towards various situations in their lives. Enjoy this state and leave out doubting thoughts as long as possible. Hypnotherapy has the best effect if you fully engage in hypnosis.


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