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Updated: Jan 15

Meditation is exercise of brain which results in a peaceful mind. Just like physical exercise benefits the body, meditation transforms your brain to a better yourself.

Meditation helps you avoid many diseases and keeps you healthy both emotionally and physically. Few people begin to see mediation benefits within 8 weeks of starting it and for others it takes longer depending upon dedication of the person

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation Benefits

1.) Sleep Improvement- Stress decreases Melatonin production causes emotional , mental as well as physical problems. With mediation its production can be increases to 2 to 3 times. Meditation re-balances all the biomarkers to ensure good sleep.

Brainwaves of insomnia is cooled by meditation along with increase in brainwaves to sleep. The ugly thoughts about unable to sleep can increase every night, adding up the negative brain waves.The serene and delightful brainwaves of meditation eliminates out negative insomnia brainwaves.

People who meditate fall asleep easily and longer as compared to those who do not meditate . Along with that it relaxes your body, keeping you in a restful state, which helps you in sleeping easily.

2.) Slow Aging-. At the end of chromosomes, there are repetitive nucleotide segments called Telomeres, which shorted with age and stress. To detect the effect of meditation on aging effect at the cellular level we can use telomere length as a biological marker. The shortness of Telomere is related with illness and mortality. If they become too short our cells loose the ability to split and duplicate and are open to fusion, agedness and cell death.

According to some researches people who focus on present moment, and do not allow their minds to wander, have longer telomeres. This can add up to five years to their cellular age. In meditation where people send good wishes for others and also wish good for themselves as well (which required high mental focus), researches shows that they have relatively longer telomeres than non-mediators.

3.) Controls Stress and Anxiety- Stress is one of the most common reason people learn to meditate. It causes increase in levels of stress hormone cortisol, which in turn builds many harmful side effects like releasing inflammation promoting chemicals. The results can be sleep disturbance, encouragement in depression and anxiety, fatigue and misty thinking. Mindfulness meditation reduces these negative effects of stress.

The result of less stress is less anxiety. Minimum eight weeks of mindfulness meditation will reduce anxiety.There are many different meditation strategies to reduce stress. Taking an example of yoga which is a combination of both physical and mental activity helps reduce anxiety.

4.) Enhances Self Awareness- Self awareness is defined as the quiet inner exploration. All the advancements of a human like mobile phones, laptops takes us away from the fact that we are connected in every way.

Some times you need meditation to help you to find the best version of yourself. In order to enhance a greater understanding of yourself and you relation to other people you should try self-inquiry meditation

With mediation you you can recognize thoughts that are harmful for you and allow or push them towards more constructive patterns.This can lead to many positive changes.

5.) Help In Reduction Of Blood Pressure- The benefits of meditation can be reduction in tension on the heart. High blood pressure will make heart do more work,the result of which can be poor heart function. Other effect of high blood pressure can be deposition on fatty material arteries ,leading to strokes and heart attack.

Silently repeating words during meditation in order to stop distracting words from entering the mind or otherwise known as transcendental meditation may we effective in controlling blood pressure. Normal mediation also seems to control blood pressure by relaxing the nerves responsible for heart functions.

6.) Increases concentration - Meditation increases brain functions, helps people focus easily and assist it. Mediators have a advantage in performing tasks involving selective attention, they can restrict the attention they give to irrelevant senses.

Mediators have increased brain power to decrease distracting information with their conscious mind. People who perform meditation frequently have better ability to perform target direct behavior.

Meditation is known as the best mental exercise with the ability to improve focus and awareness. Improved concentration can be seen within weeks for regular meditation practice

7.) Controlling Anger - Meditation quiets the thousands of negative thoughts generated everyday by our brain. When we observe thoughts from a distance we avoid thought resistance disabling a complex circle of emotions often leading to angry outbursts. Its often said that a positive life cannot be generated by a negative mind.

We conquer out inner dialogues and deal with all out thoughts while viewing everything from the top of a mountain. The parts of anger namely insufficiency, lack of power and helplessness will get replaced by a person having more self confidence and a positive believer. Becoming a less angry person is always an advantage.

8.) Law Of Attraction - If you want to manifest the things you desire according to law of attraction, you must change the pattern of thoughts. This change must me started from the origin which is the subconscious mind. For this you can first forget about the negative layers of thoughts like depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, frustration and conquer your mind through regular meditation and manifest anything and everything you want by covering with with more constructive emotions like happiness, love, interest, excitement ,gratitude, hope, surprise and many more.

Doing visualization will affect your conscious as well as the subconscious mind and bring your thoughts and your dreams in alignment helping you to manifest whatever you desire. With meditation you will be able to elevate your vibrations and whatever you desire will easily flow into your life. Also you will be guided by your higher self and handle any situation with ease

9.) Third Eye Opening - Our third eye is a potential source of intuitional wisdom, when opened a person can take advantages of powerful sixth sense of the self.After third eye opening you can feel you can control your dreams , you will sleep much better and your dreams are more clear also known as lucid dreaming. You will be able to understand your instincts easily, its will be like you know what will be the outcome of a particular incident.

You will feel that everything in the world is interconnected and you will evolve a better connection with the nature. It is also believed in increase Astral Projection which is the ability to go anywhere and any time in the universe.You will get psychic powers to know other people thoughts. Other that that you gain the prime ability to find solutions to your problems easily. A person a intensely improve once life by making correct use of third eye meditation.

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