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Playstation 4 in Virtual Reality (PS4 VR)

Updated: Jan 5

One of the most Entertaining gaming console Sony has every launched but Its not Flawless

Sony's Playstation in Virtual reality has lived up to the expectations or surprisingly exceeding expectations. The VR headset is the best thing that has ever happened in the gaming industry.

PSVR is perfect?

PSVR is revolutionary, it is a big package pushing the gaming boundaries to the future

PlayStation VR is a reasonably priced version of high-quality VR. It has a really attractive headset and is very comfortable, worth giving a shot. The motion sensor is really good, also there are many apps other than games to use including Youtube. Also, the great thing is that you can play a demo version of games before buying, but it needs a good internet connection. Many games have an option to enjoy multiplayer with friends or random players. Some of the best games in VR includes Superhot, Blood and truth, Firewall zero hour, Astrobot rescue mission, Superhot VR, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Skyrim VR, No man's sky, Farpoint

Its resolution is not great, this drawback is especially felt when we want to watch 1080p or 4K videos on the youtube app, although many 360 4k videos are available it just feels like that spark is missing.

Another major drawback is that some people cannot enjoy it after a certain period due to motion sickness feeling.

Many famous games are not released in PSVR including GTA, if you want to play your favorite games you will have to play it without VR. In fact, only a bunch of games are released in it, and if you are a true gamer, the gap between releasing various games seems very high.

The gameplay of one of the best VR game Firewall zero hour can be watched here

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