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Updated: Jun 27

A million US Dollars is a lot of money for anyone in the world. For some people, however, these are peanuts. The richest people in the world have such an unspeakably large success rate , only the idea of ​​this sum is incredible. The capital of these people is not just money that is kept in their bank accounts. The majority of their assets are made up of shares and company shares. It is precisely these that fluctuate sometimes, which means that the ranking changes with time. We constantly determine the current stock exchange rates and can therefore always present you with the richest people in the world.

The individual positions of the richest people often differed only slightly. Thus, an increase or decrease in a stock exchange price can change the overall ranking of the Billionaires. It is also striking that there are many Americans in the top positions on the list. The United States has the largest number of billionaires in the world and also represents the largest giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Oracle.

Check out this bar graph race of Top 10 Richest people from 1997 - 2020

Bill Gates


With $ 79.2 billion with him, Bill Gates was again the richest man in the world in 2015: since 1994 he has topped the 'Forbes' magazine list 16 times. Presently, he no longer works at Microsoft and only acts as a consultant for the company. Today he focuses on the work of his foundation and is committed to charitable causes.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder Even in elementary school, Bill excelled in math and science. At 13 he switched to a private school. The family could afford it - father William was a wealthy lawyer, mother Mary was a teacher. At Lakeside School, he met his long-time companion Paul Allen and started programming. At 14, Bill and Paul developed a traffic flow measurement system, founded their first company, Traf-O-Data, and easily gained $ 20,000 . After high school, Bill Gates initially went to Harvard.He also spent most of his time there in the computer room and developed Altair Basic in 1974. Bill quickly realized that he didn't want to waste any more time at Harvard and he dropped out of college and in April 1975 founded Microsoft, together with Paul Microsoft, then Micro-Soft.Six years later, the collaborate with IBM,nothing stood in the way of their historic rise: the MS-DOS operating system came onto the market.In 1985 Microsoft released the famous first version of the Windows operating system, which quickly became the market leader with a 90 percent share globally

Bills personal life

The gifted genius has since withdrawn from active business. In 2000 he gave up his position as CEO, in 2007 he announced his final departure from the Microsoft . Today he only acts as a consultant, sits on the supervisory board and, with around 500 million shares, is the company's largest partner. In private, Bill, having an IQ of 160, has been married to the programmer Melinda since 1994 and brings up the daughters Jennifer (* 1996) and Phoebe (* 2002) and son Rory (* 1999).

His children are not brought up to be addicted to technology , and surprisingly there is no smartphone until they are 14, even if school friends are already typing and swiping everyday. And as Bill Gates reveals to the "Mirror", the television or laptop may only be used for a certain time so that the children do not stay awake for way too long. Anyone who is as intimately familiar with the technology as the Microsoft founder seems to have understood that it should be used with a sense of proper thinking about usage time.

Bill does not necessarily use his money for private purpose: his property "Xanadu 2.0" cost $ 63 million and covers 6,131 square meters. 100 electricians alone were involved in the design to have a good internet connection is when required! The underwater sound system for the pool of computers certainly used a bit of the cables . But he doesn't spend his money on himself ...

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is an American born in Albuquerque, United States, on January 12, 1964. He is the founder and main shareholder (20.7%) of the giant Amazon. Jeff is short form of the word Jeffrey.

With a grandfather, regional director of the Atomic Energy Commission and a long family tradition of hard-working Texas farmers, it was difficult to predict Jeff Bezos future as a leader of a company like Amazon.

He was born in New Mexico to a mother who was little more than fifteen years old than him and who quickly separated from her first partner. Remarriage with Miguel Bezos, from Cuba, and move to Texas, to Houston, where his stepfather is hired as an engineer at a company named Exxon. A fresh start a few years later, this time for Miami, in Florida, It was in his young years that Jeff Bezos showed his interest in the sciences. academic performance of Jeff is also in line with the many experiments he imposes on his family. Miami Palmetto Senior High School, parallel participation in the Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida, thanks to which he obtained, at 18, a prestigious Silver Knight Award in Science as well as a cash prize of 2,000 USD of that time. He joined Princeton University where he obtained a diploma in computer science and electrical engineering.

He began his professional life as an IT specialist at the Wall Street, in New York. Worked at Development of a computer network for a company in international trade, financial analyst at Bankers Trust (BT), and position of Vice-president for the investment fund DE Shaw & Co.

Jeff Bezos seems much more tempted by the experience of starting a new business of his own.

He left DE Shaw & Co in 1994 and found Amazon

A number of other famous entrepreneurs like to say they started at the bottom of the ladder before reaching the heights of success, legend say it that Jeff Bezos wrote the business plan for the project. Amazon on the New York - Seattle route; and that he set up his business in his own garage.

The company really started its activity in 1996; the site first offers were the sale of books via the Internet. The company is far from being profitable and the necessary investments (customer database, product catalog, surface and inventory management…) are expensive. But he believed on his project and as he was going to say a few years later: "  You must be ready to accept failure when you embark on experiments".

Amazon joined Nasdaq in 1997. It is gradually expanding its product offering - music, cinema, cameras, etc. - and was now expanding internationally. Jeff Bezos is ambitious; its site is a merchant site, he believes that everything can be sold on the internet. He wants to rise to the rank of the then famous biggest media and digital book merchants in the world. The release in February 2007 of the Kindle, its "e-reader", met this ambition.

For almost 10 years, Jeff Bezos lost money. But he survived the bursting of the Internet bubble in the 2000s, and finally became a beneficiary from the year 2004.

The group generated 24.5 billion USD in sales (2009) and had nearly 20,000 employees worldwide.

Jeff Bezos has created other activities on on Amazon; like Virgin Galactic by Richard Branson, he founded Blue Origin, a company that will offer flights in the space in future.

He is also the boss of Alexa (Internet statistics), Abebooks (sale of rare or out of print books) and a number of companies acquired in recent years.

Jeff Bezos invests in many start-ups through his holding company Bezos Expeditions. In November 2017, he became the richest man in the world with a fortune which is estimated at more than 100 billion US dollars. 

On the private side, he has been married to Mackenzie Tuttle since the year 1993. The couple has four children; three sons and a daughter adopted in the country China. On January 9, 2019, the couple announced their divorce on the internet. On July 5, 2019, their divorce was declared officially.

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